Cute Baby Saturday- Babysitting Edition

Elizabeth’s best friend is moving (thankfully, only across town, not away), so we did some babysitting today.

This is Noah, (or Noah Bear, as Elizabeth calls him), washing his hands in the pretend sink with pretend water.  When we first met Noah, he couldn’t even sit up on his own so the fact that he can play pretend now is jarring to me.

This is Isaac, who is nearly three and a half, and knows how to properly smile for a camera.

Here is Rapunzel, letting down her golden hair.  I mean, her green hair.  With her straw hat on top of it.  Whatever.  She said she was Rapunzel.

And Elizabeth and Isaac love each other.  Yes, Isaac is wearing wings.  That is what happens when you come over to a little girl’s house to play.  We aren’t fully stocked with things like superhero costumes.  Isaac is wearing the wings upside down anyway.  I feel that this is his silent protest.