Cash versus Plastic

Here’s another episode of Ask the Internets.  I ran to the post office today to mail a few things and to buy the stamps for our Christmas cards.  After I was halfway through my transaction, the clerk asked me if I was paying with cash or check because their credit/debit machines were down.

I was intending to pay with my credit card (we put everything on our credit card- points, yo) but I managed to scrape together enough cash to pay for my mailings and my stamps, with $.26 left over.  It was lucky though, I normally don’t carry that much cash.  (And we are talking like $30, not hundreds.)  My sister had recently mailed me some bribe money (she wants hair clips and sending me $13 in cash in the mail, as well as several stacks of ribbon is a good way to get hair clips mailed back to you) and I had some left over from something else too.  (I’d been intending to use it to pay for our produce co-op today, I had to go to the bank afterward to replace it.)

This whole thing made me wonder though, just like the garages.  What’s your cash situation?  Do you carry cash as a regular thing?  Or are you strictly a plastic person?  Matt and I almost exclusively use our credit card (we like having things all on one bill, plus the points, we pay it off in full every month, or we wouldn’t use credit at all) and I rarely have any cash at all.  I’m that person who is always saying “yes, but I don’t have any cash” when you try to split lunch with me.