Matt’s brother is coming to visit us today for Thanksgiving.  Here is the list of activities Elizabeth has planned:

  • “He can sit next to me in da car!”
  • “He cannot sit at the table because we are not eating yet.”
  • “Maybe he will bring me a present?  A surprise?”
  • “I will wear my Mr. Turkey shirt for Uncle Mikey!”
  • “Maybe my present will be some princesses!  Or a yollipop!  A blue yollipop!”
  • “No, Mama, we will not play Candyland.  Uncle Mikey and I will play TOYS.”
  • “He can sit next to me in da car!”  Yes, I know I mentioned that one already.  But Elizabeth is particularly excited by this and she’s brought it up about a hundred times already.
  • “He can watch my show wif me!  We will watch…Minne Mouse!”
  • “We will PLAY.”

I hope Mike is ready for all this.