Black Friday Night Leftovers

  • Matt considers Black Friday to be pretty much a religious holiday.  And he’s really quite good at it too.  He plans ahead with what he wants to buy and what he can practically get.  We are not the type of people to wait in line for hours.
  • So Matt and his brother went out last night at about midnight for an hour or two (I was asleep) and bought a few things.  Primarily toys.  (The priorities, how they have changed!)  He also did some shopping online.
  • Then this morning, when we all woke up, we went out and did some casual Black Friday shopping.  Our first stop was Home Depot, where I filled the whole cart up with Christmas things (live poinsettias for $.99 each and fresh greenery wreaths for $5 each).  Then we hit Walmart, Target, and the mall.  (And Blockbuster and Toys R Us too, actually.)
  • My biggest purchases were at Home Depot (I’m not kidding, the whole cart) and at Gymboree at the mall where I didn’t intend to buy anything at all, but got inside and found cute Christmas pajamas and also realized that Elizabeth doesn’t have any Christmas clothing that fits her this year.  (Now she does though.)
  • Exhibit A- Home Depot:
  • Outside of Gymboree, there was a woman making balloon animals for charity.  I pulled out $2 and asked what that bought us.  She said we could get a sword, a doggie, or a balloon bracelet.  I asked Elizabeth what she wanted.  We pointed to all the different things.  We suggested a sword, or a doggie, or a balloon bracelet.  Elizabeth stood firm on what she wanted.  “A pink one, made into a balloon.”
  • Exhibit B- Elizabeth and her balloon balloon at Old Navy.  (Also, Elizabeth kind of idolizes the mannequins at the front of Old Navy.  We have to spend at least five minutes each time we go there with her just visiting them.)
  • Also in Old Navy, we met a little girl who was probably four years old.  She said “I like your balloon!”  I said “thank you.”  She said “what is it?”  I said “it’s pink!”  She said “but what is it?  I know!  Is it a rope balloon?”  I told her that yes, it was a rope balloon.

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