Christmas Tree Overboard

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen baking Elizabeth’s birthday cake and Matt and his brother were in the living room playing video games together.  Elizabeth was playing very nicely by herself in the playroom.

Suddenly we heard a crash combined with the tinkle of breaking glass.  I dropped what I was doing (Matt and I both shouting “Elizabeth, FREEZE” in unison) and went to see what had happened.

It was one of those things where you just stop and look for a minute because your brain can’t quite understand what is going on.  The whole Christmas tree was on the floor, surrounded by broken glass.

Elizabeth was standing next to it, looking quite worried.  Her eyes were huge and she had this look on her face of “uh oh.”  I asked her what happened and in an attempt to hang on to normal, she calmly tugged on one of the Christmas ornaments on a branch next to her and said “dis one is stuck.  I can’t get it off.”

I burst out laughing at her totally ignoring the wreckage around her.

(And then she sat on Matt’s lap while I cleaned up.  Only one ornament shattered, which was amazing, and two broke that can be easily glued back together.  The tree was righted.  Elizabeth has a Christmas tree induced scratch on her face where the tree scraped her on its way down.  We also had a very serious talk about how we are gentle with Christmas trees and if something gets stuck, we do not pull on it, we ask Mama for help instead.  She learned her lesson, she won’t do it again*.)