Rainbow Birthday Party Pictures

I hope you are ready for more party pictures. Because here come more party pictures.

So, I feel like I kind of overdid it for a morning weekday party for a three year old’s birthday, but it was so darn FUN that I couldn’t help it. I mean, look at all the colors!

For food, I had colorized fruit. Raspberries, oranges, bananas, green apples, blueberries, and plums.

Technically, the plums were more red than purple, but let’s just ignore that fact, shall we?

Then I had rolled tortilla sandwiches. Yes, I am awesome. Each color was (more or less) a slightly different sandwich, but they were basically colored cream cheese, turkey, and cheese or some combination of those three. If I were making them for a slightly more refined group than three year olds, I would have made them a bit fancier. And then I arranged them into a rainbow shape.

Let’s just ignore the fact that I made an entire plateful of each color, but only one purple fit into the color scheme. Let’s also ignore the fact that it would have looked better without the purple anyway. And would anyone like a leftover purple sandwich?

Here’s a shot of the whole table. I also had a vegetable tray (generously brought by one of the guests who was horrified that I requested no gifts and requested to bring something), some cheese puff corn (if you want to get technical, you can pretend they are the clouds part of the rainbow party), and the cake. Obviously, leaving the cake on the edge of the table like that, one of the eighteen month old guests helped himself to a handful of frosting and then walked around for the rest of the morning with a tiny little frosting mustache.

I knew one of the kids at least was bound to sample a little frosting.

Then I had the balloon banner. It looked awesome and was only kind of a huge pain to make (while I was making it, I was cursing myself and evil Pinterest for all the good ideas, but it didn’t take that long and it looked fantastic).

I may never take this down.

I set out the party favors on the counter, along with bags, and let each kid make their own bag. That way they could select their favorite color. There were tiny jars of bubbles, big packs of crayons, and chocolate gold coins. (Get it? Gold coins at the end of the rainbow party? GET IT?)

At least it was the plan for each kid to make up their own bag. In reality, Elizabeth sat on the counter and majestically declared what each child should get and handed it to them. It was like she thought this party was for her or something.

Want to know how to get a bunch of small children to congregate in one room? Announce that it is time for cake.

Cake was one of my two planned activities. The other one was waving a rainbow colored scarf around. That’s right, I suck on planned party activities.

Elizabeth REALLY enjoyed being the center of attention and having everyone sing to her. I think she’d like to have that occur at every playdate we host.

And look! It’s me! I actually appear in some pictures because I had Courtney take pictures for a while.

Then we blew out the candles. To be honest, I don’t think Elizabeth got any of them. I blew out most of them, with a little help from one of our four year old guests.

I also have a very unflattering picture of me blowing out candles. You’ll note that I chose this one to post instead.

Sorry, Courtney, I couldn’t help it. I had to put up this picture of Isaac. He’s just so darn cute.

Elizabeth’s best friend. He knows how to dress for a party, doesn’t he? I predict that he will be extremely popular at frat parties when he’s in college.

Elizabeth thought the cake was good.

I forced her to put her regular clothes back on for the cake. She’d stripped down and was wearing a princess dress instead at this point. Obviously, she thought she ought to dress the part of Center of Attention*.

Noah also enjoyed the cake, but declined the use of utensils.

This is the same kid who had a handful of frosting at the beginning of the party. You think he needs a fork to eat his slice of cake?

Here is the sliced open cake. I was surprised at how forgiving it was. I was convinced that my orange layer was too pale and looked too yellow and that my blue and purple layers were WAY too short compared to the other layers (they were, it just didn’t really show much). But when I sliced it open, it looked really good.

I tripled my white cake recipe for this, people. And used THREE tubs of frosting. There was is a lot of cake.

As is traditional, Elizabeth gets a birthday shirt made by me every year. This year it says 3. For obvious reasons. (And yes, for those of you paying attention, it is the same fabric from her first birthday shirt. I’m impressed you noticed! And no, I was not to lazy to go to the fabric store for new fabric and just used the leftover stuff.)

Also, as is traditional, I make each year’s birthday shirt late the night before, instead of going to bed on time.

Happy birthday party day, my big girl.

*Elizabeth’s opinion that she is the Center of Attention is not limited in any way to her birthday parties. She feels that she should receive year round worship.