The List, Part Two

Okay, so a long time ago (April 17th), I posted a list of my ongoing projects.  There are still a few items left on that list, but I am going to start a new list.  (But honestly, didn’t I do a good job getting most of them done?)

  1. Paint bathroom.
  2. Paint bedroom.
  3. Get new bedroom furniture.
  4. Decorate bedroom.
  5. Photograph Etsy stuff.
  6. List Etsy stuff.
  7. Declutter garage. (I did this once, but it is BACK, so I did not cross it off the first list and am putting it on here again.)
  8. Banish garage stuff (I did list it on Craigslist the first time, but due to Matt and I having some differences of opinion on pricing, none of it ever sold.)
  9. Drop off giant pile of baby stuff to foster care.  (I am putting this on my list because I have this scheduled for Friday morning, most of the stuff is in the garage already, and it will be pleasant to have something crossed out right away.)
  10. Finish fireplace. (I am undecided on whether I want the fireplace to be functional or just decorative.)
  11. Get garage freezer.
  12. Streamline menu planning. (I have a menu planning system, but I need to make it even better.)
  13. Set up a system for freezing breakfast options. (The plan is to make a bunch of breakfast burritos and breakfast muffins and such in bulk and then always have them available.  But it is not something I can cross off if I do it once.  I need to figure out a plan, like cooking them once a month or something.)
  14. Buy winter boots. (We live in Georgia, so they don’t need to be official winter boots, but I need something for days that are cold and rainy and gloomy.)
  15. Improve wardrobe. (I have already begun this.  I need about 5-10 more shirts.  And all my socks are wearing out at once.)
  16. Start working out. (My friend Leslie and I are going to do this together, since we both live very close to the gym around the corner.  I tried to run with the stroller, but our neighborhood isn’t that great for running in (no sidewalks, cars, too many hills) and Elizabeth hated it.  It just wasn’t working for us.)
  17. Finish photo collage for next to the front door.  (This isn’t even applicable in December because the wreaths are in the photo collage spots.)
  18. Finish decorating dining room.  (I am almost done.  I just recently (this week) came up with the final idea and I need to collect the supplies.)
  19. Get Elizabeth’s room a dresser.
  20. Attach Elizabeth’s dresser and bookshelf to the wall to make tip-proof.
  21. Finish making pantry pretty.
  22. Put extra shelf in downstairs closet.
  23. Do something with archway.

So, with this giant list, anyone have any good motivation for me?  😉