And Thus It Begins

Well, today marks the first day of our Advent Activities. For today’s activity, in our attempt to create a Christmas paradox and have the time-space continuum collapse upon us, our first slip of paper in our mitten Advent Calendar said “open Advent Calendar.”

But it meant the chocolate Advent Calendars that my dad sends us every year.  (With the expensive, delicious chocolates inside again this year!)

I think Elizabeth actually remembered this from last year because she was really excited about “opening the little door” and I had forgotten that she called it that.

Chocolate retrieved!  She’s only a teeny tiny bit excited about getting a candy before breakfast.

Chocolate unwrapped!  Usually, she is much less accommodating of me taking pictures of her.

After this, we had a talk about how we do not open any little doors unless Mama says that it is okay to open a little door.

And thus concludes our first day of Advent Activities.