Peppermint Bark with a Toddler

Obviously, yesterday’s Advent activity said Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!  But today, we opened a mitten that said “make peppermint bark.”

I googled “peppermint bark recipe” just in case before I started and found exactly what I expected.  Making peppermint bark is basically melting chocolate, pouring chocolate, and crushing up peppermint.

I prepped a pan by covering a cookie sheet (with a lip) with foil and greasing it with butter.  Then we crushed up some peppermint.  I used candy canes (scientific reason for using candy canes and not mints: we had candy canes in the pantry).

Make sure you REALLY enjoy crushing up the candy canes.

We melted the chocolate in the microwave.  The bottom layer was semi-sweet (if I were doing it again, I’d use milk chocolate, I am not a huge fan of the semi-sweet) and I used a whole double sized bag of chocolate chips.  Elizabeth assisted with stirring.

Spread the layer of chocolate into the greased cookie sheet and put it in the freezer to set up.  (Warning, set it longer than I set mine.  I only gave it about five minutes, I think.  Not long enough.  I would go at least fifteen.)  Then ask your Mama very nicely, “Mama, may I have dat spoon?”

She didn’t get any on her face at all.  (And yes, she’s wearing a Minnie Mouse dress.  What can I say?  Her birthday was yesterday.)

Here’s the chocolate after I took it out of the freezer.  Ignore the fingermark in the middle.  It wasn’t set when I checked it.  And like I said, let it set longer than I did.  Mine was still soft in the middle and when I poured the white chocolate layer on top, it melted the semi-sweet layer and they smeared together.

Then pour the white chocolate layer and spread it.  I used half the amount of white chocolate as I did semi-sweet.  I don’t know why.  I think I’d do even amounts if I were to do it again.  Then sprinkle your peppermint on top while the chocolate is still soft.  And use your hand to press the peppermint down into the white chocolate so that it sticks.  (I had so much peppermint fall off that I will be saving it in a bag in case we decide to make another batch of this at some point.)

Cool in the freezer again and then break it apart. It breaks more easily if it isn’t frozen solid when you break it.

And in conclusion, it was a very simple project.  If I were making it for a fancier occasion (Spoiler Alert: we will be taking it to the zoo tomorrow to share with our friends), I would use nicer chocolate because this isn’t nearly as good as my purchased Ghiradelli’s Peppermint Bark.