Christmas at the Zoo- Kind Of

Today’s Advent Activity in the calendar was “Visit the Zoo.”  However, (and Zoo Atlanta, this complaint is directed at you) I was highly disappointed in the total lack of Christmas decorations at the zoo.  I know it is still early in the Christmas season, but the zoo has already hosted several Cookies with Santa events and I expected at least a few random decorations scattered around.  (Also, while we were in the zoo bathroom, Elizabeth looked at a sign advertising Cookies with Santa and shouted “cookies!” and my immediate thought was “WHO TAUGHT YOU TO READ?” and then I realized there were pictures of cookies instead of Os on the sign.  Duh.)

Anyway, despite the lack of Christmas decorations, this was a very fun activity.

We went with friends.

But did I get one single picture with all three kids in it?  Obviously not. So you’ll just have to see them in two separate pictures.  (Which, honestly, I am impressed that I have one picture with two faces in it.  I usually get at least one back of a head.)

Do you recognize them?  Tara has her own blog and we both write for Style Lush.

The weather was perfect for zooing (I declare that to be a new word).  It was cool but not too cold and all the animals were much more out and active and all up close at the front of the exhibits.  We actually saw the lion walking around and I have never seen the lion do anything other than sleep.  And check out the adorable baby tiger right by the window.

I know you guys don’t know Leslie (THAT’S LESLIE) because she is blogless, but isn’t this a sweet picture?  That’s Zachary and every time he comes over, I tell Matt that Elizabeth has met her match and if Zachary were older (he’s about to turn two), Elizabeth would be in trouble because Zachary has just as many opinions and just as much spunk as Elizabeth.  They screech at each other when they clash and I think it is hilarious.

Anyway, we all had a lovely time and are all very tired.  And we had peppermint bark for our zoo treat, so there was at least a little Christmas spirit there.