Advent Activity- Make Paper Snowflakes

Today’s Advent Activity started with Christmas hair bow making with friends, but that was just an adult activity, so it didn’t really count.

But, um, look how cute these are! (We made lots of bows, but we only took pictures of these because I was amused by how all three of us could make the same hair clip and have them turn out so differently.)

The one in the middle is mine.

Anyway, the “official” Advent Activity that was found in the mitten was “make paper snowflakes.” Elizabeth has only recently started using scissors (because all of a sudden I was like “oh, yeah, I should teach her how to use scissors one of these days so that she doesn’t grow up not being able to cut things”) so she was really excited about this. Scissors still fall into the Totally Awesome Because They Are Novel category.

I just took printer paper, cut it into circles, and then folded it up (you know, exactly like you did when you were in kindergarten and made these exact snowflakes). Then I cut out two of them and let Elizabeth cut out one herself. I was surprised at how well hers came out. I snipped through two pieces of hers, where she had cut two sides of a triangle but not quite finished it, but besides that, she pretty much made it herself and you can’t really tell which one she made and which ones I made.

Well, yes, you probably CAN tell, but it’s not totally obvious that there is a 27 year gap in our ages. There isn’t a 27 year gap in our paper snowflake skill levels.