Advent Activity- Making Cards

Today’s Advent Activity was to make cards for our local nursing home and for the troops.  The lovely part of this activity is that it was organized by my moms group and all I had to do was stick the paper in our Advent Mitten and then show up at someone else’s house later in the afternoon.

Obviously, she had a wonderful time, but refused to look anything other than melancholy for the camera.  As usual.  Anyway, the moms in charge had the cards folded already and a bunch of those foam stickers, so the kids just had to peel and stick the snowman (and gingerbread men and reindeer and penguins) to the cards and then dress them in their foam hats and scarves.  Elizabeth actually hung on to decorating cards longer than all the other kids (this isn’t because she’s super patient and amazing or anything- we were at a new house and I think she was feeling a little shy and wanted to stick near me), but of course, all the moms ended up finishing up all the cards when the kids gave up and went off to play.