Advent Activity- Making Edible Christmas Trees

Today’s Advent Activity (is it just me, or I have been starting a lot of posts with these words lately?) was “make edible Christmas trees.”  This was also a moms group event that I just needed to show up at someone else’s house for.  (I did take sprinkles and kiwis, I contributed a little.)

Anyway, to make an edible Christmas tree, you take an ice cream cone, turn it upside down on a plate and spread it with green icing.

Then you go crazy with the decorations.  (I took the candy cane sprinkles.  Those are also Christmas M&Ms and chocolate chips.)

Obviously, the kids ate a lot of frosting and decorations.  And then Elizabeth settled down and ate the top of her Christmas tree.  Overall, a lovely activity.  Highly recommended.  And may I also recommend doing it at a neighbor’s house so that the clean up is nonexistent?  (Okay, I did have to wash a bunch of green frosting off Elizabeth’s face before bed.  It wasn’t TOTALLY labor free.)