Friday Night Leftovers- The Dude She's Still Sleeping Edition

  • I forgot to mention when I did the post about Elizabeth’s birthday party that I made the grave error of moving the dining room table back against the wall.  Do you want to know why this was a grave error?  Because our dining room chandelier is too low and every single adult at the party bumped their head into it multiple times.  Oops.  Noted for next time.
  • Can you imagine how much bigger she’s gotten between this post and this post?  Except those green pajamas still fit.  She just looks so big now.  And I know that in a few years (probably NEXT year), I am going to look back on this year and think of her as being so small.
  • I am sorting out the Christmas presents.  I have all the Christmas presents that are leaving our house spread out on the dining room table for analysis.  I am going to try to finish the in-town portion of the Christmas presents today.  (To which I say HA, as I still need to sew up all the boy Christmas presents and there are NINE of them.  My real goal is to finish the family part of those presents today.)
  • Elizabeth got up at four in the morning to throw up this morning.  (And never went back to sleep.)  Just now, I was wondering why she’d gotten so quiet and I found her asleep on her daddy’s chair, covered in his blanket.
  • Exhibit A:
  • And now she’s just slept through an entire hour of me babysitting her two friends.  I didn’t call off the babysitting because I thought Elizabeth threw up from eating a whole bunch of junk food yesterday.  But the hour long nap on the chair with two other children playing in the next room is starting to make me wonder.  (She has no other symptoms.  No fever, no cough, no runny nose, no congestion.  Just one episode of vomit.)
  • And if she is sick, we didn’t expose the other kids because she slept through them and didn’t go anywhere near them.
  • One of Elizabeth’s nightmares just came true.  She’s asleep and I just ate the entire bag of cookies by myself.  She’s always suspected that we eat cookies and play with toys while she’s asleep.

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