Christmas Shopping

For today’s Advent Activity, we went Christmas shopping.  We started at the good mall that is about forty-five minutes away from our house.

Elizabeth approves of the Disney Store.

After shopping at that mall, before we left we stopped for a treat.

Elizabeth said “I am a BIG girl!  I am having coffee!”  Matt and I held a discussion and determined that she must remember one of her grandmothers getting Starbucks when she visited because none of the rest of us drink coffee and we can’t remember the last time we had Starbucks.  (And Elizabeth was having a hot chocolate, in case anyone was wondering.)

Then we drove another forty-five minutes (putting us an hour and a half from home) to the outlet mall and finished up almost all of the Christmas shopping.  Also, we got plenty of things for ourselves too.  Oops.

Stay tuned for next weeks extremely exciting Advent Activity of “go to the post office and mail all the things we just bought.”  Hey, they can’t all be Candy Cane Hunts.