Movie Day

Today was a big day with family activities.  We went to brunch together (Elizabeth had pancakes, she approved) and then we went to see the Muppets.  First of all, I highly recommend the movie, it was excellent.

Secondly, does the movie theater not know how much things cost everywhere else in the world?  My goodness, I know I have been not going to the movies frequently for a couple of years, but ARE THEY KIDDING ME?  Our movie snacks (and a certain three year old had been promised or I probably would have fainted from sticker stock and refused to pay) were only a few dollars cheaper than brunch for three at a sit down restaurant.  Anyway, we all loved the movie and Elizabeth sang along to all the songs.  You may think that it is difficult to sing to songs that you’ve never heard before, but Elizabeth solves that problem by simply singing “aaaahhhhhh” to all music.  During the finale, she also got out of her chair and danced.

(We were careful that she wasn’t bothering anyone.  She was quiet enough in the nearly empty theater that I am sure no one but Matt and me could hear her.)

Anyway, because of our busy day, our Advent Activity was short and quick today.  Elizabeth opened two wrapped Christmas books.

And one package had two books in it, so she ended up with three books.  (Only one of them was a new one I bought on sale last year.  The others were actually gifts she got for Christmas the year she was one.  But she didn’t remember having them the last two Christmases and she won’t remember next year when I wrap them back up again.)