Advent Activity- Make Christmas Ornaments

Another winner Advent Activity, guys!  Do this one, I am serious! I have been searching around for Christmas ornaments that toddlers/preschoolers can make themselves that actually look nice.  And I found them!

First, I have to show you a picture of how cute Elizabeth was dressed today.  And I say WAS dressed because she stripped everything off and put on her rattiest dress up dress, OF COURSE.

And the picture doesn’t even do it justice.  It was the cutest outfit- that is now lying spread out around my house.  (Now, she’s even taken off the ripped and torn princess dress and despite it being winter and 66 degrees in here, is parading around in nothing but underpants.)

ANYWAY. Christmas ornaments. Right.

Okay, the first thing you need are those clear plastic (or glass, if you have gentle children and are brave) ornaments.  Then you give the child some red tissue paper and tell them to tear it up and stick it into the ornament.

Elizabeth thought this was really fun.

Get them as full as you’d like and put the lid back on. Then glue a piece of black ribbon around the outside (we used hot glue) and glue a silver square (we used sparkle paper) over the seam.  Ideally, the belt would have been been a little more centered, but did I mention this was an ornament that toddlers can make?

Elizabeth were very pleased with herself.

I think these turned out really adorable and pretty enough to go on any tree.

We also did I Spy ornaments. We started with bags of Epsom salt, which we colored with food coloring.  (Perhaps you would be better served by measuring out how much you need in the ornament and then only coloring that, since I ended up dyeing WAY more than we needed.)

Then we had the kids put all these little Christmas themed trinkets into the ornaments.  I did these totally spontaneously, so the trinkets were all one that I had lying around from other projects (see also: Mitten Advent Calendar) and we could really have used some better ones.

After they put in all the trinkets, we used a funnel and poured the colored Epsom salt over top. You will want to leave some empty space in the ornament for things to have room to move around. We glued the lids onto the ornaments with hot glue (and lots of it- these are not ones you want opening accidentally) and tied ribbons on to hang the ornaments on the tree.

Then Elizabeth hung hers on the Christmas tree.

The point of the I Spy ornament is for the kids to be able to handle them and turn them around to move the Epsom salt and look for all the trinkets inside. But they also look pretty good on the tree.

Anyway, both these ornaments were easy and cheap and made mostly with things we already had around the house.