Advent Activity- Make a Christmas Shirt

Today’s activity was, in all honesty, a totally adult activity.  There was absolutely nothing that the kids helped with and I don’t think they even knew what we were making until we were done.

But anyway, a few friends came over (the bow making club) and we made Christmas shirts. And HOLY COW, they are super cute.

We are going to do it again tomorrow because we didn’t quite finish today (we also made shirts for the boys, with ties and bow ties and suspenders- and not one of those is completely finished yet).

Elizabeth’s activity for today could have been Wear a New Christmas Shirt So That Your Mama Can Take a Picture, but no, she refused to do that one.

So for an alternate Advent Activity, we had hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows.  (The peppermint marshmallows came from Walmart- I know some of you are going to ask because I totally would.)

My cup was full because I am bigger than Elizabeth.