Friday Night Leftovers- Topic Free Edition

  • To the person who wrote to me about the cloth training pants, I replied to you (with nothing particularly earth-shattering), but my reply bounced right back to me.  Perhaps a typo in your email address on the contact form?  Try again, please, and I will tell you all about why I didn’t particularly care for cloth training pants.
  • I am getting soooo much spam email all of a sudden.  I’d like to know who sold my email address.  Frankly, I suspect Yahoo, since I stopped paying for their Mail Plus service.  I think this was their revenge.
  • Today’s Advent Activity was to make Christmas cookies.  We went to a friend’s house and did it there.  I highly recommend pooling your adult resources while making cut out sugar cookies.  Normally, I want to die by the time I am done (which is why I am thinking we haven’t had cut out Christmas cookies for the last three Christmases), but today was really fun.
  • Tomorrow’s Advent Activity is to get Christmas pictures taken.  I am…well, let’s just say resigned.  I am not looking forward to how crowded it is going to be.  I ought to have made an appointment during the week, but I suspect it will be crowded then too and tomorrow just worked in the schedule.
  • All of a sudden, it is hot here again.  Well, not HOT specifically, but in the 70s.  We’ve actually had to put the air conditioning on.  Ridiculous.
  • I fear that saying this will be jinxing things, but at this point last year, I had been sick three times already.  And this year, not once.  I entered this year’s illness season with a wary eye and I have been exceedingly careful.  Obviously, you can only do so much, so I may be felled at some point, but VITAMINS and AVOIDING SICK PEOPLE.  (This is helped by the fact that we haven’t been doing as many official moms club activities since the old calendar committee coordinator moved away and there are some people in the moms club who bring their sick kids to things.  And you can’t know that someone is bringing germs until you get there and it is TOO late.)
  • I love my real evergreen wreaths and I hate my real evergreen garland.  I think there must have been a recall on the garland, only you don’t usually see recalls on cut plants because they are expected to die anyway.  But not the day after you put them up.
  • Dear people who use Pinterest (and I am sure that it is not anyone who reads here, you people are not BARBARIANS), use the permalink to the post, mmkay?  You are killing me.

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