Warning- Probably Only Funny If You've Seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Scene: The mall, crowded for the holidays (i.e.- WHY did we come today?)

Elizabeth and I have just finished her Christmas picture portrait session and I have procured the promised cookie from the cookie stand. We walk down the hallway one direction.  I say “wow, all the benches are gone to make room for all these extra stands.”

So we walk back up the hallway.  Elizabeth looks up and sees some benches on the next level up.

She exclaims “der are some benches, Mama!  Up der!  Now, how will we get up there?  We are going to have to climb!  We will need a Mouseketool!  Oh, TOODLES!  We will need a rope Mouseketool!  Should we use da blue rope or da red rope?  I fink da RED rope!  Climb, climb, climb!”

Me: “Or we could take the elevator.”

And thus I destroyed Elizabeth’s dream of scaling up to the second story of the mall on ropes brought to her by a cartoon character.