Advent Activity- Decorate a Gingerbread House

Today, our Advent Activity was “decorate a gingerbread house.”

First, I did all the assembly while Matt and Dibits snuggled. I came to see if she was ready and I was told “go away, Mama!” I think someone was having too much of a nice time with her daddy.

So, later, when she was READY, we started on the gingerbread house. First she had to sample the candy.

I bought a gingerbread village this year, instead of a single house. Don’t do this. It’s more to put together, and harder to decorate.

Elizabeth gave up at some point and I ended up doing most of it myself. (Like I said, five tiny houses is too many.) But look how nice it turned out!

Oh, wait. That is a picture of the box.

Our actual gingerbread houses looked like this:

I did not like this kit as much as I like our generic one last year. Elizabeth agrees. Last year was much better. But I loaded our gingerbread village up on a tiny tray and put it on the dining room table, where I suspect the gumdrops will secretly be pulled off and consumed for the rest of the Christmas season.