Advent Activity- Boring

I believe I mentioned before that all the Advent Activities cannot be winners. Yes, I did.  And today’s activity was one of those.  Today, we went to the post office and mailed the presents.  I know!  Exciting stuff.

Anyway, since that was boring, I will provide you with some entertainment.

“Hi, Mama.  I am not doing anything.  Nope.  Just sitting here being a good girl.”

“What?  What do you mean?  Oh, that?  That was always like that.  No, it really was.  I remember.”

“No, I am really, really sure that the gingerbread house ALWAYS had gumdrops on only one side of the roof.  I do not know why there are gumdrop sized indentations in the icing.”

“What do you mean I smell spicy and sugary?  That is my natural odor.  I am just sitting here nicely eating this apple.”

(She was eating one bite of apple and then one gumdrop.  Apparently, she thought that made the gumdrop thefts okay.)