Christmas Party

Today’s Advent Activity was to go to a Christmas party!  I was “in charge” of the event, which basically meant that I was the one who sent the emails back and forth making sure everyone brought different stuff.  I also got there early and set up and did things like bring the tablecloths and a door prize.

There, this is one of the things I took.

And we went early to set up.  Dibits was pleased to have the whole empty place to herself to run around in for a while.

During the party, Santa came.  (And mysteriously, one of the dads disappeared temporarily!) Look at my brave girl.  Without prompting she went over and she was the first kid over there.

She even let him put his arm around her.  All the kids received a book from Santa.  (Also mysteriously, it appeared to be a book I bought on clearance last year.)

After the Christmas party, Elizabeth and I ran about a million more errands, but we are pretty much done now.  I have one more thing I am thinking about going out to get (which I cannot reveal, Matt) but besides that, we are ready.