However You Spell It

Elizabeth would like to introduce everyone to her new baby doll.

Baby’s name is…uh…Dough-Duh.  Or however you would spell that.  Elizabeth found her at IKEA a couple of weeks ago and immediately named her that and has not wavered one bit in Baby’s Official Name. Doeduh?  Doedah?  I don’t have any idea.  I will have to teach Elizabeth to spell and ask her how to spell it.

A few days ago, I gave Elizabeth a skewer and let her pop all the balloons in her birthday balloon banner.  She thought that was all kinds of awesome.

And this picture I just thought was super cute.

Our Advent Activity today is to watch a Christmas movie, so we’ll do that after dinner when Matt is home.  I am not sure which one we’ll watch yet, but we have a bunch of them.  Probably Charlie Brown or the Muppets.