Does anyone else find it hilarious that a small child will happily tattle on themselves?  (Forgive me, Courtney, for using your child as an example, but I am still laughing over this.)

We went to play with Elizabeth’s best friend today.  Isaac is six months older than Elizabeth, so he’s three and a half now.  Elizabeth and Isaac have a bit of a sibling relationship with each other and, though they love each other with an all consuming passion, they fight a lot.  Today, Isaac was having a bit of a rough day.  Elizabeth, Isaac, and Noah (Isaac’s not yet two year old brother) were having a special pancake breakfast on the floor in front of Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  (With peppermint flavored pancakes shaped like candy canes and also shaped like Rapunzel, by special request.)  All of a sudden, Elizabeth started to cry.  I hadn’t heard any disturbance or tussle, just her start to cry all of a sudden.  I went in and asked her what was the matter.  She pointed at her face and said “I have an ouchie!”  So I cuddled her and she cried a bit and I started to ask her what happened.

In the other room, I heard Courtney ask Isaac what happened to Wibef.  (Isaac and Noah call Elizabeth Wibef, invented by Isaac and picked up by Noah that that Noah is starting to talk.)  Rule of parenting, right?  You assume that if one kid starts crying in the vicinity of another kid, perhaps that kid might know something about it.

Anyway, Isaac responded quite cheerfully, “I slapped her across the face!”

*I’m not upset with Isaac or anything, I think this sort of thing is normal in small children and he got in trouble and he said sorry and he was just having a rough day.  Elizabeth does this sort of thing too.  I’m just using this as an example because Isaac’s upbeat “I slapped her across the face!” was the funniest thing I’ve heard today. 

**Obviously, Elizabeth was just fine thirty seconds later.  She barely cried.  She’s tough. 

Oh, and Isaac’s explanation for WHY he slapped her across the face?  Also hilarious.  He claims that he wanted to play sword fighting with his hands.