Saturday Morning Leftovers- Christmas Eve Edition

  • We’ve already been to the far away mall and back this morning, for reasons completely unrelated to Christmas and related to a deal made between Matt and the Dibits that involved the Disney Store.
  • The mall was not crowded at all.  We made it there and back in beautiful time and experienced no annoyances at all.
  • The Disney Store, however, seemed to be running out of toys.  They still had plenty, but they only had about half of what they normally have.
  • Hanna Andersson (there is a Hanna Andersson in this mall- help us all!) was having a sale.  I bought a pair of white tights with red polka dots.
  • Tonight, we start a new Christmas Eve tradition.  Since Matt and I got married, we’ve never really settled on a Christmas Eve dinner.  My family always did a bunch of different appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner.  Matt’s family usually does their grandmother’s recipe for chicken cutlets.  For one reason or another, neither one really works for Matt and I.  We’ve tried (for nine Christmases now, we’ve tried) both ways and different ways to combine the two.  But for some indescribable reason, we’ve just never settled on “our” traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  But this year, the first year since we got married (like I said, nine Christmases), we are alone for Christmas Eve.  And we are going out to dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.  We are going to dress up in our Christmas outfits and we are going to go eat Japanese hibachi at the restaurant where the whole staff knows us.  (I suspect we won’t get our favorite chef though- Christmas Eve is his birthday.)
  • Elizabeth insisted on watching A Muppet Family Christmas again this morning.
  • Yesterday’s Advent Activity was to open a present early.
  • Today’s Advent Activity is to go for a walk before bedtime to look at Christmas lights.  And that will bring us to the end of the Advent Activities.  We made it this year!  Last year, we were derailed by flu.

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