Christmas Exploded

First of all, the Christmas Eve dinner out at Hibachi was perfect. It couldn’t have been better. The food was wonderful, we splurged on all our favorite things (sushi and filet!), and we had our favorite chef because he saw us coming in and it wasn’t that crowded. We got all dressed up and it was great.

Today, Elizabeth slept in until 7:45am after being up for an hour in the middle of the night. (Night terror? Stomach ache? We have no idea. But she cried inconsolably for a while.) We watched a Christmas movie in the big bed for a few minutes because Matt had some secret business to attend to downstairs, during which I was not allowed to check my email.

Elizabeth was excited, but not that excited because I don’t think she quite understood what “Christmas” really meant yet. (I suspect that next year she will remember.) The first thing she saw was her new princess tent. Her response was, I believe, “OH WOW!”

Then she got into the two chests of dress up clothes (one princess, one fairy) because they weren’t wrapped.

She had a moment of crying pitifully because I wouldn’t allow her to strip off all her clothes to put on her princess dress, but made her put it over her pajamas. (“Mama, princesses don’t wear pajamas!”) (Whatever, child, it is only 65 degrees down here.)

But we sorted that out (I won), and she moved on to the wrapped presents.

She opened all the presents, including the ones for me and Matt.

See, we didn’t buy the three year old a box set of Ultimate Fighting Championship DVDs.

“Here, dad, I fink dis one is for you.”

Then she opened more presents.

And more presents. Let’s just say that Elizabeth has all the toys in the whole world now.

Then we moved to the living room and opened stockings. Now, in my traditions, stockings come first, then breakfast (when kids are old enough to handle the wait anyway), and then we all take turns opening presents. But Matt and Elizabeth couldn’t wait today, so we did stockings last today.

In this picture, I told Elizabeth to find the E and tell me which stocking was hers. So she went along the row and found J-E-N and declared that she found the E!

Everyone’s stocking had a tube of mini M&Ms in it. Matt and I put ours in the pantry. Dibits ate hers for breakfast.

Then we had breakfast. Elizabeth had a special snowman shaped doughnut. (And more M&Ms.)

Matt told her to eat her doughnut with no hands and she thought that was really funny. But her hands couldn’t help it, they had to grab the doughnut.

Elizabeth has spent the remainder of the day playing nonstop with all her new toys. She dragged her tent around so that she could reach all her toys from inside and then spent a while playing, stopping only to demand some pre-lunch oatmeal and also to scream at the dog to “GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY TENT, IT IS MY TENT.”

We had ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing (awful stuffing, I have no idea what I did to it), and cranberry sauce for lunch. And will have again for dinner.

I now have a new book to read, from Barb.