Presents for Me!

Now, since I can’t yet write a post about the presents I gave because there was a mail forwarding error and a HUGE box of presents went to the wrong place and won’t be received by their proper owners until probably after the New Year.  But I can show you what I got from my fabulous husband.

In the two giant boxes, there were these!

I suspected the pots and pans because I had asked for some (I didn’t expect a whole set, a few of mine were still good, but Matt said that with the cost of replacing a few versus the cost of replacing the whole set, it made more sense to buy the whole set.)

The cast iron dutch oven was a total surprise though.  It’s not a super fancy one, but I read some online reviews and they said that it is a good dutch oven for the price.  Now I just need to make some awesome food.

I also had an envelope on top of my packages that said that Matt purchased and set up an automatic computer back-up program for me.  (This was why I wasn’t allowed to check my email that morning- I had a confirmation email.)  Apparently this is a really great back-up and I will no longer have to worry about losing all my pictures if my computer crashes.  (It did once.  I was able to recover the pictures, but I cried for a few days first.)

My computer back-up has been running for thirty-six hours now and probably has a lot more to go.  (I take a lot of pictures.)  He set the automatic computer back-up program to automatic renewal, so I will also get this for Christmas next year, and into perpetuity.

I know the words and the pictures have had no relation to each other for a while, but look how nice my new pots and pans look in their new home!

I also got two years of a magazine subscription to the Rachael Ray Magazine.  (Which I used to get but don’t anymore.)

A very satisfactory Christmas!  I also got presents from other people that are not pictured.