Lying is Totally a Valid Parenting Technique

Elizabeth’s new thing is to make a ridiculous request as I am putting her to bed.  Well, I find them to be ridiculous, she probably finds them to be perfectly reasonable.  Sometimes she asks for a snack, sometimes she wants a gumball, sometimes she wants toys, sometimes she asks for candy.

Tonight, she asked for two lollipops and five toys.  She was very specific about the numbers.

Now, the thing is, I tell her “sure!  You can absolutely have these things!  Just lie here still and quiet and I will go get them.  It might take me a few minutes, so you be patient and lie here still and quiet until I come back.”

Then I never come back.  She falls asleep a few minutes later, lying still and quiet and waiting for me to come back.

This has been going on for a few weeks now and I suspect it will not last too much longer.  But for now, it is glorious.  She doesn’t fight about bed- why would you, if your Mama is about to bring you two lollipops and five toys?  And she stays far more still and quiet waiting for me and falls asleep faster than when she’s just told to go to sleep.

There, she’s asleep already, in the time it took me to write this.