After Christmas Shopping

It’s time for another episode of Ask The Internets!

How do you feel about shopping the After Christmas sales on things like decorations and wrapping paper?

I am pro-after Christmas shopping.  Most of our Christmas decorations were bought at the sales at a steep discount.  However, I am casually pro-after Christmas shopping.  I go when I get a chance and I don’t have a plan or anything.  If I am in Target, I have a look around.  Sometimes I go out on purpose, but I certainly don’t get up early the day after Christmas.

This year, however, it was convenient for me to go in the morning, when the stores first opened on the day after Christmas.  I was definitely not in my element.  The woman in front of me in line at Target bought eighteen rolls of wrapping paper.  Eighteen.  I bought three, which, honestly, was about two more than we needed.  (We go through about a roll and a half a year and we have some left from this year.

So what do you do?  Shop them?  Stay away from them?  Get up early and wear running shoes?