It's Not a New Year's Resolution

Finally, a neighbor friend and I joined the gym this morning.  It was totally not our New Year’s Resolution.  I think we actually came up with the plan near the end of October.  We tried to get together to join in November a few times, but something always prevented us and then we only tried once in December before giving up because of being so busy for the holidays.

Our plan is to go three times a week-ish, in the mornings (while the childcare is open).  We are planning on signing up for the classes (we wrangled five free classes each this morning, so we are going to use them up first), but most of the classes are at night, during bedtime.  There is some class twice a week during our hours, so we are going to attempt that one first and do another day of treadmill or something.

We had all three of our combined children in the childcare room this morning.  They had a good time together.  (Part of the reason that we are doing this together is that we both suspect that our respective children would not stay willingly in the childcare room alone.)  While we were leaving, a Zumba class was starting (it was rescheduled, it doesn’t look like we will be able to do Zumba, it’s at the wrong time of day), and all three kids joined it.

And now, after a half an hour of exercise (and not even ridiculously strenuous exercise), I am starving.