Friday Night Leftovers- Flower Girl Prep Edition

  • We were supposed to go on a picnic in the park this morning.  Only it is gloomy and miserable outside and just about everyone else canceled.  So instead, a friend and I (and applicable children) met at McDonalds for breakfast.  Way better.
  • We wore party hats and had sprinkles on our pancakes because it was one of her children’s birthdays.  Elizabeth likes this very much.
  • I am so sore.  I cannot believe how sore I am after walking on the treadmill yesterday.  I mean, walking is something I do EVERY DAY.  I ought to be able to do this.
  • Yesterday was one of those days where I got everything done and would like some compliments about how awesome I am.  I did ALL the work.
  • I could really go for a massage.
  • We bought tickets for my brother-in-law’s wedding this summer.  It’s in Mexico.  Elizabeth is the flower girl (I am sure I have mentioned this before at some point) and I think it is time for her to start practicing her flower girl duties.  She is very excited about getting to wear the white princess dress and she has informed her future Aunt that she would like to wear a flower crown (I have NO idea where she even came up with this idea?) and she claims that she will sprinkle the flowers on the ground.
  • I am just happy that Elizabeth has agreed to wear a flower girl dress instead of a pink bathrobe.  All her flower girl knowledge comes from the book Eloise at the Wedding and Eloise wears a pink bathrobe.  (And no flower crown, so that is not where Elizabeth came up with the flower crown idea.)
  • Anyone have any flower girl advice?
  • I bought Elizabeth a bunch of the Sandra Boynton apps on my iPhone and the iPad and she is engrossed.  I think Blue Hat, Green Hat is the best one, but they are all good.

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