Let’s talk about pajamas for a minute.  I held a pajama party at my house yesterday and did not wear my pajamas because they are that far gone.  Matt bought them for me.  At least eight years ago, I think.  It is definitely time for new ones.  The elastic in the waist (I have two pairs, but they are both like this) is so stretched out that they don’t stay up any longer.  The cuffs of one pair are falling apart and the seams in the other pair are coming out.

I like pajama pants, year round, and a t-shirt.  (My t-shirts are all in acceptable condition, even if I am short the one that had the dead mouse inside it.)  But here is the important part- these pants must be made of some kind of material that will not creep up my legs while I sleep.  Plain cotton doesn’t work.  Neither does flannel.  One of my old pairs is made of (fake) silk and the other is like a stretchy, silky cotton type fabric.  As it has been so long since my last pairs were purchased, I am sure I cannot simply buy new ones (and I’ve looked already anyway), so does anyone have any good sources of pajama pants that I am not aware of?