Weekend Time

Matt works a lot during the week.  He gets up at 5:30 in the morning and leaves around six.  Elizabeth and I are not up yet.  He usually gets home around six.  If we are lucky, anyway.  Sometimes he manages five, but usually it is six or later.  The alarm goes off on my phone for Elizabeth to start getting ready for bed at 6:54pm.  So, Matt gets to see her for about an hour a day, on average.

This means that we are very protective of our weekend time.  We almost never accept invitations to things and we usually spend the whole weekend with each other.  I mean, obviously, we occasionally do things away from each other.  Matt usually goes to the movies at some point on the weekend and I usually leave to do the grocery shopping (alone! What bliss!)

We rarely even do anything special.  This weekend, we ran some errands, went out to dinner, and just sat around together while Matt watched football.  But I love that we spend our time together and keep our weekends just for us.