Flood 2.0

I got up at six this morning, to be responsible and get things done before we went to the gym this morning.  (I woke up at five, stupid inability to sleep lately, but I actually got up at six.)  Among other things, I started a load of laundry and I was making snacks to take to my moms club thing later today.

I went into the pantry to get something and I almost fell over.  I normally do not fall over when entering my pantry, so my first thought was “how did water drip in here?”  Then I noticed it wasn’t just a little water.  I was standing in a puddle that was DEEP.

I looked around and there was water everywhere.  It was all through the downstairs.  (Also? Our downstairs is not at all level. Water everywhere proves this definitively.)  I looked and the toilet was overflowing.  I ran squeaked carefully and turned it off.  But no one had used that toilet since last night.  When I turned it off, nothing happened.  And by nothing happened, I mean water continued to pour from it.

Since the washing machine was the only other thing running, I turned it off too.  This finally stopped the water pouring out of the toilet.  (Also, what?)

I got all the towels we own and started sopping up water.  They were nowhere near enough towels.  I got the steam cleaner and started to use that to vacuum up the water.  (If you don’t own a steam cleaner, what do you do when your house floods?  I wonder this every time my house floods, which is now twice.)  I dumped the water from the steam cleaner into the bathroom sink and the toilet overflowed again.

I called a plumber when I realized that I had our garden hose in my hands because I was about to create suction through the hose and use the hose to drain the toilet into the backyard so that I could possibly see what the problem was.  If I am using a hose (and mouth suction to start the flow- yes, that was my plan), then it is time for a professional as this is beyond my expertise.

My house is still pretty wet (you can only soak up large amounts of water with a steam cleaner and all the towels are sopping) and I am waiting for the plumber.  (Obviously, I will inform the internet immediately when I discover what the problem is that causes doing laundry to cause your toilet to overflow.)  Miraculously, Elizabeth is still sleeping, so at least she wasn’t walking around in the toilet water.  (Still! Sleeping! At! Almost! Nine! In! The! Morning!)  (When I woke up at five!  Unfair!)