Friday Night Leftovers- Flood Edition

  • The flooding episode is resolved, but not finished yet.  In other words, the plumber fixed it yesterday, but he was perplexed and couldn’t figure out the cause, so he ordered up some other guy who is supposed to come this afternoon to look through our pipes with a camera.
  • Our main sewer line was blocked (85 feet from the house! The plumber was astounded at how far away it was!  Barely still in our plumbing!) so nothing was draining.  And eventually, all the water we continued to run just overflowed out of the lowest point, which is apparently the downstairs toilet.
  • It’s gross to clean up all the contents of your pipes from the floor. Mostly it was water, but to be clear, it also contained the contents of toilets and the garbage disposal, so I scrubbed toilet paper and broccoli off the floor.  (Thank goodness for all the water.  It wasn’t particularly bad because everything was so diluted.  I have never been so happy that Matt showered before work.)
  • I wish I got paid for the hours that I spend on the phone dealing with prescription refills and insurance issues.  (What I am trying to say here is that I do it a lot.  That was clear, right?)
  • A’Dell wrote about Heath Bars.  So I ate two after lunch.  And now I am slightly too full.  I should have only eaten one.  But it was totally worth it.
  • I am so behind on my email that it is pathetic.
  • Also, bills.  Tonight is going to be a rocking Friday night of catching up on bills and email.
  • I was never so glad as to own a steam cleaner as when cleaning the floors yesterday.
  • In case anyone else stalks the Kohls Cares for Kids books like I do, the ones this month are Eric Carle.  Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, 10 Rubber Ducks, and The Very Busy Spider.  Sadly, we already own all of those, but they also had cute Eric Carle notecards, so I got some of those instead.
  • If this plumber guy doesn’t hurry up, we are not going to be able to go out for our normal Friday night dinner out.  Wait, we could get takeout instead.  Whoa, I feel better.

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