Pipe Revenge

Right, so we had our plumbing examined by a camera and we discovered…roots.  Lots and lots of roots.  It was something that needed to be fixed, so they sent another guy out who dug up our front lawn.  He put in new pipe and left a rather bad looking pile of dirt on top of it which I am definitely going to have to fix myself.

When he was finished, he called me out to look at the pipe because it was something unexpected.  He said, and I quote “roots did not do this.”  You guys, there were giant chunks of pipe missing.  I really wish I had taken a picture of it.  (Bad blogger!)  Of the three foot length of pipe, I would say a good quarter of it was GONE.  I asked him how it happened (in other words, what can I do to make sure that THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN OH MY GOODNESS EXPENSIVE) and he said that either someone hit it accidentally while landscaping or “someone had a grudge against the builder.”

Let me show you why I do not lean towards that landscaping theory.

Yes, yes, enjoy my incredible skills at Microsoft Paint.

Anyway, this drawing is not to scale.  The tree is WAY farther away than it appears.  It was not the tree.  The bushes are small.  Also, it was not the bushes.  If you will notice, there is no landscaping anywhere near this pipe.  For someone to hit this section of pipe during landscaping, they must have been lost.  Also, it was three feet down.

In that case, do I lean towards grudge towards the builder?  Well, I am a really nice person so I find it hard to accept that someone would deliberately take chunks out of a pipe to in some way pay back a builder.  Also, this house is something like six years old.  Revenge is a dish best served cold, but really?  This doesn’t make sense.  Be patient, pipe smasher man (or woman), YEARS from now, you shall have your vengeance.  However, the grudge idea is more entertaining to me, so that is what I am going with right now.

Anyway, short version- pipes were missing a chunk of pipe, grass roots grew down through them, roots formed an incredibly hard clot, water could no longer leave, water flooded my downstairs, and I spent three days cleaning and hemorrhaging money.  Kids, go to school to be plumbers.