Monday Randomness

  • I find that collectively, the internet is (nearly) always right.  So I bought the Simply Vera pajama pants from Kohls and they are exactly what I was looking for.
  • Interest gauging- how do we feel about hair clip tutorials?  Interested?  And if so, which ones in particular?
  • Today, I helped Elizabeth drag her little chair through a tight spot in the dining room and then let her go on her way.  Moments later, she appeared in the playroom with a doughnut in her hand.  She dragged her chair to the counter, climbed up, and helped herself to a doughnut out of the bag.  When questioned, her response was “I was hungry.”  Logical.
  • Elizabeth has decided that when she is a flower girl, she would like to wear a fin.  A fin, in her language, is a veil.  I’ve told her that I don’t even think her aunt the bride is going to be wearing a fin.  Elizabeth says “yes, we will BOF wear fins.”  She has also determined that I can wear one too.  I told her no way.  I am just hopeful that there is no tantrum when there is no fin.  I shall perhaps compromise and get her a fin for the reception.
  • I think the term fin came from Ariel.  You know, Ariel has fins and also wears a veil in Elizabeth’s favorite scene.