A Monster of Our Own Making

So last night, Elizabeth went to bed at about her normal time (about twenty minutes late, but whatever) and fell asleep about 7:45pm.  Maybe 8:00pm.

Then she woke up at 12:52am.  And stayed awake until 7:15am.  I went to sleep around ten and woke up (shockingly!) at 12:52am. She said that her stomach hurt and I am sure it did (however, I also suggested a perfectly reasonable solution that she declined to take advantage of because it involved a P O T T Y and Elizabeth prefers not to use those if she can get around it.)

I brought her in bed with us, even though that never works (spoiler alert: it didn’t) and she fell asleep briefly, but woke up almost immediately when I tried to move her.  (And yes, I did have to move her, she doesn’t sleep at all when she’s in our bed, not once since she was seven months old.)  I went into her and rubbed her back and cuddled her and sang her songs and gave her medicine and did everything that you can possibly think of.

And then I hit that point.  You know that point, where you’ve been awake for two and a half hours in the middle of the night and gotten out of bed too many times to count and nothing is working, and suddenly, things start to make sense that wouldn’t ordinarily make sense.

While I was in that place, I gave her my cell phone and let her watch a movie in her crib on it.  I figured she would watch fifteen minutes or so of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and drift off to sleep and I could go in quietly and steal the phone back.  And then she’d sleep beautifully for the rest of the night and sleep through the night for the next fifteen years with no problems at all.

Right.  So three and a half hours later, when Matt got up for work, she was still in there watching movies, wide awake.  Very wide awake.  I had tried to get the phone back from her a few times until 4:45am, but every time I did, she started up again.  And at least with the movies playing, two of us were awake, which is better than three.

At 4:45am, I mostly gave up and I dozed a little.  At six, when Matt got up, I stopped trying to sleep anymore (well, I didn’t actually stop trying, I tried really hard, but I was unsuccessful).  After Matt was up, I did win the fight for the phone (because it didn’t matter if she screamed any more, so I held all of the cards) and at 7:00am, she went back to sleep.  She slept about two more hours.  I got up and prepped lunch and a craft project for one of my moms groups.

Anyway, it’s probably obvious and I don’t need to say it, but she is never allowed to watch television in her crib again.  And I am going to bed early tonight.