Open Advice Thread

Mel had the idea that instead of shutting down in order to protest SOPA, we should share our best advice instead, to really focus on the wonderful things about the internet that we would have the potential to lose if SOPA passed.

So here is my advice.

It is possible to be nice to (nearly) everyone (nearly) all of the time.

I had to put that advice into practice today, when I brought a friend to an event and someone there wasn’t nice to me or my friend.  We both felt distinctly unwelcome.  (And this behavior was definitely singled out towards just us.  The person in question was nice to everyone else and even went out of her way to be nice to two strangers sitting near us.)  But I was nice to her anyway, even though it was difficult. And the day was much smoother than if I had struck back.

More advice-

  • Put a tiny squirt of soap into the toilet tank occasionally after you flush it.  The next time you flush it, it will do part of the cleaning for you. (I am not a plumber (remember?) and I have no evidence that this is in any way good or bad for your toilet.  Only I have been doing it for a couple of years and have never had a problem.)
  • Instead of flouring a pan when you make a cake, sugar it.  Or, if you are using a cake mix, use a little of the mix to flour the pan.
  • If you are making a container garden, fill up the bottle half of your container with empty, lid on plastic bottles.  You won’t need as much dirt and your plants will get more air to their roots.  (Also, right now, my back patio looks like a recycling center.  Tubs full of plastic bottles everywhere.)
  • Make one of these for your small child.  Elizabeth’s new favorite game is to play “I’m seeping!” and close her eyes.  (And giggle a lot.)  I can get behind this game.

Now, the open advice part of this post.  Ask a question in the comment section about anything!  Stick around to read everyone else’s questions and answer the ones that you can.  (Idea originally from Dresden, who wants me to mention that she is the smartest person in the world.)

ETA: I have threaded comments set up on this blog.  So when you are replying to someone’s question, click “reply” in their question box to make sure they see your answer and it will appear directly below the question, even if other people have commented below.