Friday Night Leftovers- Doctor's Visit Edition

  • Today, we went out to breakfast with two sets of friends at a new place that opened up downtown.  And when I say downtown, I mean our downtown, which is tiny and cute.
  • Then we went to Elizabeth’s three year well check.  She is not a fan of getting her temperature taken.  (Under her arm!  Like the least offensive place to get your temperature taken!)
  • Elizabeth is 40 inches tall and 35 pounds.  This puts her at the seventy-fifth percentile for weight and at greater than the ninety-fifth percentile for height.  (I saw the dot on the height chart.  She was like waaaay above the lines.)  The combination of the two put her at something like the fortieth percentile for BMI.
  • Elizabeth hated the nurse because she was too brisk and rushed.  The nurse ignored what I wrote on the information sheet (“Elizabeth is afraid of having her temperature taken, please do that last of all.”) and just rushed in and said “I know you don’t like having your temperature taken but we are going to do it anyway.”  (I was highly annoyed.)  Later, while Elizabeth was still screaming over the temperature (the whole REASON I asked for it to be last), they did a finger stick to check her hemoglobin and Elizabeth actually stopped crying because she was so fascinated with watching her blood go onto the little test strip.
  • After the nurse left, Elizabeth calmed down.  The doctor took her time and was much more patient and relaxed and Elizabeth was fine.  She had a little leftover crying whenever the doctor did something that was similar to something the nurse did (like the stethoscope) but this part of the exam went much better.  Elizabeth got a Perfect, A+++ on her little report card.
  • They asked me on the evaluation sheet if Elizabeth was able to consistently use three word sentences.  Hahahahahaha.
  • Matt is really excited because 40 inches is one of the height limit restrictions at Disney World, so more rides are open to us now.
  • After the doctor’s office, we went fireplace shopping with a friend.  I found exactly what I want (I wanted to see it in person first), but the prices were about three times what they were online.
  • When we got home, Elizabeth had a meltdown because I had finished making her sleeping bag and the mattress and blanket weren’t separate any longer.  Apparently, she didn’t want them that way.  She has since recovered and is snuggled up in her attached sleeping bag.

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