Friday Night Leftovers

•Why is it that on days I can sleep in, I wake up at five? And on days I cannot sleep in, the alarm goes off and I have to drag myself out of bed?
•Today, we drive to Florida. Since Matt got his new car (did I mention that Matt got a new car?), it is the first Florida trip where I have all the room I want to pack.
•I am writing this on my phone and it doesn’t appear that the formatting is going to be very good.
•I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately (I seem to have this problem every couple of months now) and no one is ever on Twitter at five in the morning to entertain me.
•I am looking forward to our Disney trip. Dibits is too. She has already informed me that we will go to the store at Disney World and get an Ariel dress.
•As Matt likes to buy Elizabeth things at Disney World, this is probably true.
•However, all the clothes I packed for her are theme clothes already. She has Cinderella, Snow White, Jessie, Tinkerbell, and Minnie Mouse. And yes, that is one more day than we are going to be there.
•I was going to say something about how great Disney is because little girls can go there all dressed up, but then I remembered that Elizabeth already wears her dress up clothes everywhere we go anyway. In the last few weeks, I can remember Minnie Mouse at the hibachi restaurant, Snow White and Jessie at the park, and Cinderella at the mall.
•Must remember to pack all the car chargers.

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