Things Cars Need

After spending a million years in the car yesterday, I have some improvements that I cannot believe car manufacturers have not already added.

•A place to hold the driver’s cellphone. With a charger and a plug that integrates the phone with the car. I see this as a safety feature too because it would keep the phone out of the driver’s hand.

•More plugs. Matt’s brand new car has two. And they are both up front so we can’t plug Elizabeth’s movies into it. (We bought the longest cord they sell, but now we have a cord stretched across the car.) But I am surprised that the car designers don’t seem to think that more people in the car use things that plug in.

•A garbage can. Now, my friend’s car kind of has this but it is tiny. Our car doesn’t have anything. I am thinking one that holds a plastic grocery bag. That would be a good size and easy to throw away and restock.

•Built in storage. This car has a second glove compartment above the regular glove compartment and it is glorious. All the regular glove compartment stuff is in the regular one, and I have filled the other with snacks and drinks.


•A napkin dispenser. I would buy bulk size restaurant style napkins to stock it. Or just use all the extra ones we get when we go through a drive through.