The Rest of the Million Disney Pictures

I finally have enough internet to upload pictures again, so let’s get back to business.

Elizabeth really loved the princesses this time.  This was at our Princess Storybook Dining lunch at Epcot in Norway.

Cinderella told Elizabeth to smile.  Don’t tell Elizabeth to smile.  This is what you get.

Snow White kissed Elizabeth on the cheek and left a giant red lipstick smear.  When she saw me trying to wipe it off a few minutes later, she came over and was kind of annoying about it, asking me why I was wiping it off.  (Because my three year old is in a place where we are taking a lot of pictures and you smeared lipstick all over her.)  Elizabeth looked like she had some kind of giant rash on her cheek for the rest of the day.  Please note, Aurora also kissed Elizabeth and left behind a lipstick print, but this one didn’t smear and wiped off easily.  (Elizabeth attracted extra kisses because she was so amazed by all the princesses and they could tell that she was star struck.  Two of them called her extra cuddly.  She was hard not to adore.)

Mary Poppins was not present at this lunch.  Snow White was there instead.

Dibits and Daisy.

This was the next day at Magic Kingdom.  Elizabeth is riding Cinderella’s horse on the carousel and I was next to her riding Prince Charming’s horse.  Or so Dibits claimed.

We waited in line for the fairies in Pixie Hollow again.  This time we got Rosetta instead of Vidia.

Elizabeth kept wondering while we waited if Tinkerbell would give her pixie dust again.  Matt and I demanded that Tinkerbell give Dibits some pixie dust.  This Tinkerbell didn’t seem to know what was up with that (the last one had kind of a pixie dust routine and extra cups of pixie dust (glitter) on the table) so she just kind of shook off her arms over Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was totally satisfied.

We went back to Epcot for dinner that night and we met the same Daisy in the same place.

Dinner at the Garden Grill at Epcot (in the Land pavilion) is one of my favorites.  This is Dibits and Mickey.  After the second time Mickey came to our table, after he left, Dibits leaned over to me and went “hehe, TWO times.”  She was so excited to meet all the characters.

Elizabeth and Dale.  With two chipmunks who both came to our table multiple times, I have dozens of pictures of Elizabeth hugging chipmunks.  She never got tired of it.

I just love this picture.

And Pluto.  Or Fluto, as Dibits calls him.  I think Pluto was the only character with an actual guy on the inside.  The rest were clearly women.

This is how Elizabeth spent most of dinner.  Sitting backwards in her chair, looking over the ledge, waiting for more characters to come by.  She ate a pretty good dinner though, after she found out that Chip and Dale cooked the chicken themselves just for her.

This picture makes me feel tall.

Elizabeth needed a treasure map and she just sat down by the side of the walkway to examine it more closely.

Daddy is a pushover and bought Elizabeth lots of toys.  Here she is with both of the Minnie Mouse dolls she conned him into about three hours apart.

This is the next day at Hollywood Studios.  Elizabeth dressed as Jessie.

Here’s the best picture I got of her outfit.  (Barb came with us that day and I take fewer pictures when I am talking to Barb nonstop.)  She’s got a Jessie t-shirt and sparkly red boots (Disney Store online) and a Jessie skirt I made myself in about a half an hour.

This was right before the Toy Story Mania ride.  It’s a 3D ride, hence the glasses.  And the sticky red mouth is courtesy of the red lollipop she was holding in the last picture.

This is Dibits and Barb’s E.  They love each other.

And this concludes (I think) the Disney pictures.  We had a great trip this time.  Elizabeth’s imagination has gotten bigger since we were last there in September.  This meant that she had a great time, but it also meant that things were scarier and we didn’t do as many rides this time because of that.  She was scared of the mean fish on the Nemo ride and didn’t want to do it again (ever) even though that was one of her favorites last time.  And she refused to even go into the entrances of the Peter Pan ride and the Snow White ride because they looked scary.  (In all fairness, the Snow White ride is pretty scary.)  She was also afraid of being measured by the measuring stick, so she couldn’t ride Test Track which Matt was really excited about.  Matt went alone while I tried to convince Elizabeth that being measured doesn’t hurt and all you have to do is stand next to that stick.  But she wasn’t a fan.  I think it reminds her of the doctor’s office where she doesn’t like to be measured because they hold her down.

Anyway, great trip and we can’t wait to go again!