Friday Night Leftovers

  • It is Friday, right?
  • Elizabeth is totally ruined for playing alone.  She had too much attention on this trip and all she does now is tug on my arm and say “play with me!”  I spent a whole year working on getting her to play happily alone.
  • Lest you think I am cruel and unfeeling, I do play with her.  But sometimes I have to do things like cook dinner or do laundry or you know, go to the bathroom.  I cannot play with you nonstop, child.
  • I need to start working on getting passports for Matt and Elizabeth for our family wedding in June.  (In Mexico.)  I already have a passport, so I think maybe I’ll just let the two of them take care of their own.  Elizabeth could totally do all that paperwork by herself, right?
  • We just got back from errands where we met Holly and Adam.  It is so much more convenient to run errands at the mall with two moms and two kids instead of one mom and one kid.  Tag teaming!
  • I went to Goodwill today and I need to find the mom of the kid who just grew into 5T and thank her for donating all the great condition and fancy brands of 4T jeans.  Elizabeth will be wearing all of them next fall.

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