How To Buy Meat in Bulk

I recently bought twenty pounds of really good quality ground beef.  It was quite possibly the easiest grocery transaction I have ever done.

One friend found out about the “event” and asked who wanted to participate.  She placed the order and I just wrote her a check.  (Hi, Sherri!)  She arranged for the pickup.  I went to Disney World about six hours before the meat arrived.  Then another friend took my half of the order, took it to her house, bagged it up into one pound sections, made some of it into preformed hamburger patties, and made some of it into meatballs.  I know!  (Hi, Holly!)  Then another friend put it into her freezer and stored the whole twenty pounds until I got home from Disney and picked it up from her house.  She even loaded it into my car for me.  (Hi, Helen!)

This is the easiest way I have ever obtained food in my life.  If I could get the three of them to come over every night and cook some of it into dinner for me, I will have completed the dream.