We Had to Draw the Line Somewhere

Elizabeth and I went to Courtney’s house today so that Elizabeth could play with her best friend Isaac. Isaac and Elizabeth have been best friends for ages, since before Elizabeth turned two. While all the other kids were doing parallel play, these two would actually play together, making me want to write up a blurb for a psychology publication.

Anyway, today, Courtney and I were sitting on the couch talking and Elizabeth came in and asked for help getting her shirt off. They love playing dress up together, so I pulled it over her head and handed it to her. (I’ve only recently managed to convince her that you can keep your pants on when you play dress up and just put the clothes over them. I’m working on the shirt too.)

Moments later, we discovered them in Isaac’s room, attempting to completely switch clothes. Their plan was to dress up as each other. They had switched shirts, socks, and were working on pants. Isaac was wearing Elizabeth’s hair clip and Elizabeth had pulled out her ponytail holder because Isaac didn’t have one in his hair.

However, what we stopped at the last possible second was the switching of their underpants. You have to draw the line somewhere.