Friday Night Leftovers- The Park Was Cold Edition

  • Well, Leslie and I are still going to the gym.  Curse Leslie.  If it weren’t for her, I could have quit this weeks ago and been spending all my mornings lying in bed in my pajamas.
  • I am in bed in my pajamas right now.  Except it isn’t morning.
  • The best part about visiting Courtney’s house?  She lives near a Krispy Kreme.  The nearest Krispy Kreme to my house is too far away.  So I have to visit Courtney, which obviously is just an excuse to go to Krispy Kreme.
  • I will still never forgive Krispy Kreme for using Ks instead of spelling things properly.  I will eat their delicious doughnuts (and a lot of them), but I will continue to hold my tiny grudge over their choice of spelling.
  • We went to the park for a picnic today with friends.  It was 43 degrees.  (And that’s Fahrenheit.)  It was just a wee bit too cold.  It would have been better, but I thought it was in the fifties and dressed us accordingly.
  • We still stayed for two hours and had a great time.  But I was cold by the time we left.
  • The best part of it being in the 40s was that the park was completely empty other than our group.  I do love a nice empty park.
  • After we got home, Elizabeth and I snuggled in the chair together with blankets and watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She told me “I am bery, bery, bery beautiful and comfortable.”  So she was pretty happy at that point.
  • Elizabeth has decided that she is afraid of robots.  Long ago, she decided that Daddy works with robots (it’s a long story, but Daddy and Mr. Incredible leave for work in exactly the same way and Mr. Incredible goes off in the movie to fight robots, so obviously Daddy goes off to fight robots too…) and we said, sure, fine, Daddy works with robots.  Sometimes the robots send Elizabeth a present from work (it’s usually a lollipop) and when we go into Daddy’s work, we see the robots.  (Matt works in a warehouse, so there is a lot of machinery around that looks enough like a robot to satisfy a three year old.)  We’ve only been there on the weekend though, so the robots are always sleeping and quiet and since they send presents, obviously they are nice robots.  But recently, she’s been a little concerned.  Today, when Matt got home from work, they went on a robot hunt around the house and made sure there were no robots in our house.  And then they checked outside and then we locked the door so that no robots could get in.
  • Her imagination has gotten much richer lately, and with that comes more fear.  She used to not be afraid of anything much.  Except strangers anyway.
  • Matt is downstairs watching a horror movie.  I am upstairs with my laptop, a doughnut, a chocolate chip cookie, and a thermos of milk.  I win at Friday Night Activities.

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