Hair Bow Class- Gather Your Supplies

Okay, I am going to start blog hair bow class.  I’ll give you about a week to gather up your supplies and then we will get started.  Here’s what you will need:


That is a hot glue gun (mine has my maiden name written on it- that is how old it is), a source of flame (mine is a lighter), a sharp pair of scissors, alligator clips, and 3/8 grosgrain ribbon.

Here is a close up of an alligator clip so you know what you are looking for.


And here is a close up of the ribbon.  This grosgrain kind is the easiest to work with and what I definitely suggest for starting out.  You can use satin or woven, but grosgrain is definitely the easiest.  For exactly what color of ribbon to buy, that depends on what you want to make.  I would suggest getting something Saint Patrick’s day themed.  Or I did have a request for Sesame Street, so I think that will probably be our first ribbon sculpture clip, so if you want to do that, get yellow.