Friday Night Leftovers- Laundry Edition

  • Elizabeth slept better last night.  She only woke up twice, and while she was very upset when she did wake up, she settled down and went back to sleep again when I told her to wait quietly while I went to get her a bandaid.  (No, I don’t know why she needed a bandaid.  But I don’t argue at four in the morning.  I also don’t actually go get you a bandaid at four in the morning.)
  • She also slept in her big girl bed all night.  Apparently the way to transition out of the crib is to have your crib contain imaginary bats.
  • Today is the first day we haven’t had anything to do for ages.  We are using it to do laundry.  Necessary laundry.  Very necessary laundry.
  • Elizabeth is still in an extra fearful stage.  She’s barely willing to be separated from me at any time.  (Right now, she is actively lying on me.)  And I have to carry her- it’s not enough for her to just walk near me.  She needs to be carried in order to be safe.  I’m going with it in the hopes that it ends up being one of the shorter phases.
  • It’s been gloomy here for a while and it’s making me want soup for every meal.
  • We are going out to dinner tonight with Matt and I get to pick the restaurant.  I am debating between Thai and the restaurant with the salad with avocado and homemade dressing.  It’s a hard decision.  I was leaning towards the avocado before, but now I am starting to sway towards Thai.

For more Friday Night Leftovers, visit Danifred.  Probably.  She’s got a new baby and is all tired and infected and tired.  (I know, I said tired twice.)